Opening a daycare for kids with limited abilities in Struga

This is a place to learn. A place to develop. A place to play. A place to socialize with other kids. A place to feel safe. A place where you can squeeze the most of your talent. And a place to feel accepted and loved just the way you are. This is our dream.

Mission & Objective

Our mission is to open a decent daycare center for children with special needs or (multiple) disabilities in and around the municipality of Struga in North Macedonia. Our big dream is to build a new center not only for daycare but also a permanent residence. We are doing is one step at a time.

Roadmap with stepstones


Every day we are a step closer to our objective. We have location for the daycare. We have an agreement with a municipality of Struga. The renovation is finished. Now we are busy with the interior of the center.

Crossing lake Ohrid

I am swimming the challenging distance of 13 km across lake Ohrid to raise money in order to build a shelter for kids with special needs in Struga. Join me or support with a donation.

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Become a
CDFK partner

CFDK partner

“It takes a village to raise a kid” – an old African saying. 

It takes a whole community to raise a kid with limited abilities. We need your help to pull this off. Become a partner and be part of this journey. 

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CDFK volunteer

CFDK volunteer

You are motivated and willing to contribute to the society. Helping less fortunate runs in your blod? You want your life to be more meaningful? Well, maybe you should join our team of volunteers and activate your talents. 

Together we
Build the future

Bemiresit Struganë

Our partner foundation helped us during the process with finding the current location, the renovation and the rent for the first year after the opening.

Municipality of Struga

We have signed the contract to deliver services for the kids with special needs. The municipality supports us with two employees, food arrangement and compensation of the part of our daily costs.

Stichting Mara

Mara Foundation is ran by students. Mara is helping CFDK financially and practically. 

Meijers Assurantiën

First day donator and supporter of the mission. One of our long term parners supporting CFDK. 


Supporting CFDK with the best possible IT infrastructure, website and everything else needed to stay digitally in touch. 


We are thrilled and very happy to announce the co-working with Neptun. They donated the heat, air-conditioning and the TV’s for our location.